Rheum palmatum

Rheum palmatum, known as Turkey rhubarbChinese rhubarbornamental rhubarb, and East Indian rhubarb, is a plant in the familyPolygonaceae.[1] Closely related to the false rhubarb Rheum rhaponticum, it has a similar purgative effect upon the human body.

Turkey rhubarb is cited in the Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes cookbook Through Yorkshire’s kitchen door[2] as part of a cure for indigestion: full recipe half oz. turkey rhubarb, half oz ground ginger, half oz bicarb. of soda, one oz magnesia: mix well together, dose half teaspoonful in a little water before each meal.

Pharmacological studies have demonstrated that emodin from Rhubarb exhibits anti-cancer effects on several human cancers, including human pancreatic cancer.[3] The U.S. National Institutes of Health‘s MEDLINE lists Rheum palmatum as one of the active ingredients in the controversial (and as yet unproven in clinical trials) cancer treatment Essiac.[4]

{Information courtesy Wikipedia}