Aloe ferox

Aloe ferox, also known as Cape Aloe,[1][2] Bitter Aloe,[1][3] Red Aloe[3] and Tap Aloe,[1] is a species of aloe indigenous to South Africa‘s Western Cape,Eastern CapeFree StateKwaZulu-Natal, and Lesotho.[2][4]

Aloe ferox is listed on the plant list of endangered plants (CITES – Appendix II) along with other wild species of this genus.[citation needed

Medicinal uses

Its leaves contain two juices; the yellow bitter sap is used as a laxative, and the white aloe gel is used in health drinks and skin care products. The sap is toxic to pregnant and breast feeding mothers. [2]

The home remedies with Aloe ferox is same as that of with Aloe vera.

Aloe ferox has less demand that than of Aloe vera. The products of Aloe ferox are merely confined to South Africa, United States and few European Countries. Asian markets are mainly dominted byAloe vera products.

{Information courtesy Wikipedia}